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IPdeny compiles raw data from regional internet registries and offers complete country IP block downloads for on-line users. Our country IP zone files can be easily used in your applications and web sites to minimize on-line fraud, SPAM, floods and brute force attacks. IPdeny country IP block files can be quickly adapted to set-up in firewalls or packet filters to disable specific services and ports from the countries you do not welcome.
Please note that we are not a blacklist, we just provide country IP block allocations from public IP registry records. We have no control over services or companies that use our IP country block data - contact these providers directly.

You can use our free on-line tools to automatically generate iptable, ipfw, ipchains and ACL rules for your server or router.

IPdeny is a free and public service. We welcome you to link back to our web site and to comply with our usage limits so that we can offer free and quality service to anyone on our planet.

Latest blog posts:

Usage limits have been increased in IPDeny.

Hey folks! Starting from today – we have increased usage limits for IPdeny zone file downloads. Now you can download up to 5000 zone files daily from one IP; Usage 5 concurrent connections from one IP; Recommended wait time between downloading zone files are from 0.5 to 1 second; Thanks for using our free service!

Temporally problems with APNIC IP allocations in IPDeny.

Hey guys…we received a report that we are missing some IP ranges from APNIC allocations, especially from the New Zealand (NZ) . We will check this out and see why we are missing those ranges as we automatically parse APNIC official¬† database files. Anyway, thanks for the report and your feedback Dave W.¬† – we […]

Blocking country IP tables using our data blocks and ipset utility in IPDeny.

Just browsing around the Internet today I found a nice howto document explaining how to set-up our country IP block data with ipset utility. Ipset utility offers much higher performance than standard iptables rules (one IP range – one record, e.g. for example). Update: August 18th, 2012. Thanks to our visitor comments we checked […]

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